20 places available for pre-registration!
Sat 23/09/2017 - doors open 9:00 for a 11:00 start
Sealed Deck PreRelease Tournament
Hosted By Chaos Cards in Folkestone
Tournament Organiser Logo  01303 278109

Tournament Entry : £20

£20 entry

You will receive a pre-release kit with 6x Ixalan boosters, a random foil stamped mythic or rare from the set and a dice with the XLN logo.

 Local Amenities

KFC up the road Asda and Sainsbury's both nearby (both around the corner) We sell light snacks and hot and cold drinks on site and have toilets

Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre  

Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre
100 Sandgate Road

Each participant will receive at least one booster, with players receiving more the higher they place.