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Sun 03/12/2017 - doors open 10:00 for a 11:00 start
Standard Other Tournament
Hosted By Mark White in Maidstone
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Tournament Entry : £16

On Sunday 3rd December, we will be hosting the Invitational event for the 3rd season of the local Mid-Kent Open Series in Maidstone, for which 16 players have qualified.

For everybody else though, there will be another tournament running alongside it for everyone who was not able to qualify during the season!

Both events will be Standard-format, and will be run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, with decklists.

 Public Transport Info

Buses, Trains within reasonable walking distance



  • £6 for the day on Monday-Saturday, less for a shorter stay, free after 18:30
  • Free on Sundays

Fremlin Walk

  • £9 all day, less for a shorter stay
 Local Amenities

Food and drink at reasonable prices, toilets, smoking areas, etc.

Muggleton Inn  

Muggleton Inn
8-9 High Street
ME14 1HJ

Prize Structure

The winner will receive a box of Rivals of Ixalan, to be delivered on release.

Everyone on a positive record will receive prizes, scaling by result.

Dependant on the number of players, the prize pool is subject to change:

23+ players

Massive increase in the amount of boosters in the prize pool.

32 players

Both players in the final will each receive a box of Rivals of Ixalan, to be delivered on release.