Pre-Reg Closed
Sun 09/09/2018 - doors open 10:00 for a 11:00 start
Modern PPTQ Tournament
Hosted By Manascrew in Milton Keynes
Pre-Registration for this event has closed. If you want to attend, you should contact the tournament organiser.
Tournament Organiser Logo  07740291355

Tournament Entry : £20

With Pre-Registration: £18

(Yess...! Pre-Register for £18.00!)

This is a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier, which is a fantastic way to test yourself in a more competitive arena! As well as local fame and glory, there is the bonus of offering up to the Champion - an invitation to the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier and shiny card that goes with it!

Each Round will be the conventional 50 minutes - we have budgeted for approx. 1 hour rounds to accommodate necessary delays such as extra time due to deck checks, complicated judge calls, going to turns, etc..

Each Round will begin as soon as all results are in, so from Round 2 onwards we will ideally be ahead of schedule!

Quarter Finals only occur with a Cut to Top-8; with Top-4 there is only a Semi-Final and Final after the main Rounds.

How many Rounds?:

17 - 32 Players = 5 Swiss Rounds with a cut to Top-8 (will go on until 8pm). 33 - 64 Players = 6 Swiss Rounds with a cut to Top-8 (will go on until 9pm+).

What should I bring?:

This is Competitive Rules Enforcement Level (REL) so a Level 2 Judge, James Winward-Stuart, will be present and Deck Lists MUST be provided. Here is a link to the form:

There will be many more blank ones available on the day if you forget...!

Bring your pre-constructed deck of no less than 60 cards, plus 15 card side board if desired. MODERN FORMAT

If you have not yet been to play MTG at Wargames Workshop please also remember to bring your DCI number. If you don't yet have one you can obtain yours here:

Need cards for the next Event?

 Public Transport Info

There is a bus stop and buses run to Kingston quite often from the City Centre.

 Driving Directions

We are just off Junction 13 (Milton Keynes South) or Junction 14 (Milton Keynes North) of the M1 motorway, so easy to get to us!

Big Car Park - FREE all day parking...!
 Local Amenities

Tesco Supermarket (Food, Drinks, other stuff...)

Subway (2 mins walk); McDonalds (5 mins walk, 7 mins walk with shorter legs); Nando's (cheeky ones only... 5 mins walk); Costa (2.1 mins walk - opposite Subway). Other reputable establishments also are available...

The Venue itself (Wargames Workshop MK) also serves a range of snacks and refreshments for the gaming community

Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes  

Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes
Unit 18 - 20 Kingston Quarter
Winchester Circle, Kingston
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BA

Paul Thomas
Andrew Humphrey
Jack Harman
Patrick Mouncer-MTGEVENTS
Brendan Edwards
Andrew Crawford
Jason Allard
James Allingham
Kevin Donkers
Stephen Westmore
Krzysztof Garstka
Alec Guest
Matt Johnson
James Staples
Chris Arlow
Christopher MacKenzie-Skea
Archibald Owen
James Gurney
Thomas Trigg
Samuel Lima
Branoc Richards
Dan Burnand
James Daman

Mark Horne from will be at the event with Modern and Standard Format Cards.

* It is advised that you order cards in advance of the event, to guarantee that fringe side-deck card in your honed 75 is available... *

Main Prize is an invite to the RPTQ

The prize pool will be dependent on turn out with at least 3 boosters per player going into the prize pool.

Prizes will also be based on the Swiss Portion of the event.

There will be on demand draft at £13 per player available too.