Pre-Reg Closed
Sat 27/04/2019 - doors open 10:30 for a 11:30 start
Sealed Deck Launch Party Tournament
Hosted By Inner Sanctum Collectibles Limited in Cambridge
Pre-Registration for this event has closed. If you want to attend, you should contact the tournament organiser.
Tournament Organiser Logo  01223 240333

Tournament Entry : £45

Inner Sanctum Collectibles will be hosting a Magic the Gathering; War of the Spark Release on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2019. Registration commences at 10:30 – 11:20 and the event starts at 11:30. The number of Swiss Rounds is dependent on player numbers but we expect this event to finish around 18:30.

Due to Wizards decision to release this product over this weekend to coincide with the London Mythic Championships, there will be no further Release Event for this set. This will be the opportunity of both playing and purchasing the War of the Spark product and has been done as a trial in the U.K. and Ireland.

This is a special combi event and is offered if you wish to attend both the events on the 27th and 28th April, this is limited to 18 places across the weekend so it is imperative you pre-register to avoid disappointment and is priced at £45.00.

Location: BOTH DAYS The 26th Cambridge Scout Hut Logans Way Off Mariners Way Chesterton Cambridge CB4 1BL


There is a small amount of free parking at the side of the venue, please park considerately so other can park as well

 Local Amenities

Local Texaco Garage that sells sandwiches situated on Queen Elizabeths Way Bridge - 5 Minutes walk

26th Cambridge Scouts Hut

26th Cambridge Scouts Hut
Mariners Way
Off Logan's Way

Bradley Perry
Daniel cook
Simon Mayes
Mario Roman
David Morris
Tom Horseman
Keith Cornell
William Trattle
Jack Watson
Zak Lawrence-Earey
Alex Redshaw
Jonathan Corbett
Andrew Roberts
Reuben George
Thomas Lockwood

This event is intended to offer all players the opportunity to experience the new set and enjoy the days event. War of the Spark boosters will be added to the prize pool for each active player, (based on our allocation) it is Inner Sanctum's policy to give each player one Booster if they compete in the event. The remaining Boosters will be divided amongst the Top 8 / 16 players (dependent on attendance) for the event based on the standings as reported by the DCI Reporter.

There will be sundries / refreshments available, it is suggested people bring a packed lunch.