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Sat 27/04/2019 - doors open 11:00 for a 11:20 start
Sealed Deck PreRelease Tournament
Hosted By Fanboy 3 in Manchester
Pre-Registration for this event has closed. If you want to attend, you should contact the tournament organiser.
Tournament Organiser Logo  0161 2477735

Tournament Entry : £20

The culmination of a story stretching back literally decades...

Thirty Six Planeswalkers. Ten guilds. Eleven Prerelease Events over three days...

And One Badass Dragon.

On Amonkhet the Gatewatch failed to stop Nicol Bolas, most powerful of the Elder Dragons. And now he has the plane of Ravnica in his sights. Who will stand aghainst Bolas? Who will side with him? You decide, at the War of the Spark Prerelease

So, there are a lot of events this weekend. As well as Magic, there are also Prereleases for Yugioh and Pokemon. Fortunately we have invested in a whole lot of trestle tables raising our downstairs capacity to 120+

It's going to be busy. So here's a schedule of everything that weekend so you can plan it as efficiently as possible.

And please do pre-book. With eleven events we may find that some of them capacitate. For the first time ever, every prerelease is bookable through And there will be links below once I've scheduled them all in.

All these events are currently £20. This may change in the event of an apocalyptic Brexit. Fingers crossed, eh?

FRIDAY - all events will hand packs out at 20 minutes past the hour 1pm - SEALED CASUAL MAGIC (3 rounds, 2 pack participation) 6pm - SEALED FNM STYLE MAGIC (FNM Style, 4 rounds, 1 pack per win) Midnight - SEALED CASUAL MAGIC (3 rounds, 2 pack participation) Midnight - SEALED YUGIOH (3 rounds, 1 pack per win)

SATURDAY - packs out at 20 minutes past the hour 10am - MAGIC PRERELEASE PARTY (Prerelease pack ONLY) 11am - SEALED COMP MAGIC BREAKFAST (Comp Style, 5 rounds, 3:2 = 2, 4:1 = 4, 5:0 = 6, minimum 1 participation. Plus free tea & coffee) Noon - SEALED YUGIOH (5 rounds, 3:2 = 2, 4:1 = 4, 5:0 = 6, minimum 1 participation) 1pm - SEALED POKEMON PRERELEASE (3 rounds, 3 pack participation) 2pm - SEALED CASUAL MAGIC (3 rounds, 2 pack participation) 3pm - SEALED POKEMON PRERELEASE (3 rounds, 3 pack participation) 5pm - SEALED POKEMON PRERELEASE (3 rounds, 3 pack participation) 6pm - SEALED YUGIOH OPEN DUELLING 6pm - SEALED CASUAL MAGIC (3 rounds, 2 pack participation)

SUNDAY - packs out at 20 minutes past the hour

DRAFTS On request.

Anytime there are 8 players wanting to draft War of the Spark we will kick off a pod. Entry to these events will be £15 - for that everyone gets three boosters to build and a prize payout of 0:1/1:2 = 1, 2:1 = 2, 3:0 = 4

BOOSTER BOXES Yes, we will be seloing booster boxes from Friday. These are priced at £90, but for £100 you can buy a box of War of the Spark AND play in a Prerelease. The first 60 come with exclusive War of the Spark Box Toppers.

Look... I did have a plan to do all nine events and a booster box for an extra special price. But we may be tighter on numbers than we would like as another store locally isn't running that weekend.

SUPER PRIZE After the weekend is over, there will be special prizes for whoever playerd in the most events, as well as the player with the highest win:loss ration across all nine.

Remember the days when we used to have FNM League? Yeah, we do too. And so we are bringing this BACK with this set. Whoever plays in the most FNM's with the highest Win:loss score across them in the season gets a FREE Prerelease entry. Because heck - there's a lot we used to do, and its time to bring the magic back to bring the Magic back on our road to Premium.

Stay frosty Magic players. Because theres everything to play for as Fan Boy Three goes head to head with Channel Fireball!

 Local Amenities

Fan Boy Three is located in the heart of Central Manchester a few minutes walk away from both Manchester Picadilly Train Station, the Tram and Bus stops at Picadilly Gardens and the Coach Station situated on Chorlton Street. It's about a ten minute walk from Victoria Train Station, situated on the far side of the world famous Arndale Centre.

There are more food based outlets within a five minute walk than I can list off the top of my head, but a personal favorite is a small place called Pie Minister, they preach the truth, which is Pie is great.

Fanboy 3  

Fanboy 3
25 Hilton Street
M1 1EL

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