Pre-Reg Closed
Sun 26/05/2019 - doors open 12:00 for a 13:00 start
Legacy Other Tournament
Hosted By Fanboy 3 in Manchester
Pre-Registration for this event has closed. If you want to attend, you should contact the tournament organiser.
Tournament Organiser Logo  0161 2477735

Tournament Entry : £20

At Fan Boy Three we are determined to support every format of Magic. Its easy to run Standard and Draft and Sealed. Wizards make it easy. they incentivise it.

But I refuse to abandon formats just because they make us no money. I'm a game store, and I exist to serve the community. I respond to their needs. Because ultimately we sell happiness and not boosters.

(p.s we sell boosters too! Please buy boosters!!!)

Entry £20.

 Local Amenities

Fan Boy Three is located in the heart of Central Manchester a few minutes walk away from both Manchester Picadilly Train Station, the Tram and Bus stops at Picadilly Gardens and the Coach Station situated on Chorlton Street. It's about a ten minute walk from Victoria Train Station, situated on the far side of the world famous Arndale Centre.

There are more food based outlets within a five minute walk than I can list off the top of my head, but a personal favorite is a small place called Pie Minister, they preach the truth, which is Pie is great.

Fanboy 3  

Fanboy 3
25 Hilton Street
M1 1EL

8+ players First Place: £100 Second Place: £50

4-7 players First Place: £50 Second Place: £30

If we break 16 players, we'll add £50 pries for 3rd and 4th and increase 2nd to £75

If we break 24 players we'll increase first to £150, 2nd to £100, 3rd and 4th to £75.

If we break 32 players, T8 will get £40, 3rd & 4th £75, 2nd £100 and first £150.

At more than 8 players, you'll get more Arthur. Arthur is our in store Level 1 judge. At 16 we'll hire a higher level judge - and, if you want to know where the excess break point cash goes, if it LOOKS like we'll hit 16, well, that's an expense we'll need to pay for in the run up to the event and not after it. The fact is we won't really know without doing.

But we are doers.

And our goal is to make events folks want to play in, at a price point that is attractive enough, a prize point that is attractive enough and a cost to run that makes it break even.

Hey, its Planeswalker Weekend - so there's always draft for £15 with pack per win prizes!