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Sat 03/08/2019 - doors open 9:00 for a 10:00 start
Sealed Deck Euro Modern Qualifier Tournament
Hosted By Game Asylum in Hants
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Tournament Organiser Logo  07799260168

Tournament Entry : £70

With Pre-Registration: £60

A European Modern Series qualifier

A Sealed event using Modern Horizons boosters with prize of an Invite to the European Modern Series final that feeds Richmond Mythical Champs.

Doors open 9:00 for a 10:00 start

Competative event, deck lists required

The entry fee for this event is £60 pre registered or £70 on the day.

Early pre-registration (with payment) is strongly recommended as this event is capped at 80 players

 Public Transport Info

Aldershot station is a 5 Minute walk from the venue

 Driving Directions

The venue is located right in the heart of Aldershot town centre, easily accessible from the M3.


The Wellington Centre car park, a few minutes walk from the shop


 Local Amenities

The venue is in the town centre and has a number of fast food outlet within a 5 minute walk

...The Games Shop Aldershot

...The Games Shop Aldershot
6 Wellington Street
GU11 1DZ

Invite to the European Modern Series final as a first prize.

Travel award to the winner. £1 per entrant up to maximum of £50.

In addition there will be a prize pool of 1 Modern Horizons booster per player,

Core set 2020 Drafts, Modern and Standard 8 man pick up also available as required